Our patients are treated holistically we assess your individual needs and  listen to your concerns and goals for well-being. Our practitioners are trained  in both conventional and complementary therapies and offer a professionally
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A program will be customized for you based on your unique profile. At your initial consultation with the Integrative Physician you will discuss the assessments and protocol to best suit your biology and health goals for your individual program. Note that not all of the listed assessment and therapies will necessarily be a part of the comprehensive plan, because of the individuality of the patient and potential contraindications.


A free and quick meet & greet over the phone with our physician coordinator can help you determine which treatment, service or program is best for you. You will receive a professionally guided approach that takes into account multiple aspects of your health and lifestyle. We combine a range of therapies to provide you with an integrative plan, especially beneficial for chronic and complex medical conditions.

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If you are diagnosed with cancer, there are health treatment programs which may enhance the body’s ability to fight cancer and help the traditional cancer treatments work more effectively. The goal of integrative, holistic medicine is to work with the patient as the center of the medical team and combine both traditional and complementary treatments to restore the patient to a better state of health.

The weight management experts at TIMM aims for one important goal: getting patients back to their healthy weight. Being under- or overweight can have serious, long-lasting health consequences, making it imperative to bring them back to health as quickly as possible.

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By Sakiliba M. Mines, MD
Medical Director
Detoxification: Why is it so important?

Life in the 21st century has challenged our ability to detoxify. Yes life can be a toxic event! Our daily toxic load has greatly increased compared to that of previous generations. This toxic load is taken on both passively and actively. The air we breathe, the pollution in our food and water supply, and the radiation and energy our bodies absorb are examples of passive exposure to toxicity. Conversely, the choices we make with regard to our diet, pharmaceuticals, manufactured products and relationships, are all within our control to minimize, or maximize, our toxic exposure. Detoxification is championed by naturopathic and integrative doctors. The standard of medical care should include not only prevention and treatment of diseases, but also the expansion of the functional life span of the patient. This is the first time in the history of humans that children are dying before their parents of chronic diseases. Detoxification should be an integral part of good medicine. We place so much emphasis in medical training about the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, the nervous system, and the respiratory system, but very little attention is given to nutrition and the detoxification system. If these two areas are neglected the entire body falls apart.

Tocikon in Greek means poison, and detoxification is the removal of toxins that are poisonous from the body. Toxins can create a web-like chaotic event: deplete energy at the cellular level, oxidative stress, inflammation, inhibition of enzymes, and endocrine dysfunction. How to restore balance, harmony and health by cleansing the body of toxins? You must address to the organs of detoxification: skin, intestines, pancreas, spleen, and liver. A variety of techniques can be used to detoxify the body; however the very toxins that you desire to remove from the body can create havoc on their way out if the body is not prepared. A thorough assessment of the toxic load is important, which can be done through blood work. Some questions to address are: do you have the genetically programmed enzymes to detoxify? What are you detoxifying: heavy metals, pesticides, plastics, bacteria, viruses, prescribed drugs, chemotherapy, chemicals?


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