V. Nia Shell, MD


Dr. Shell, a board certified Integrative Physician, has worked for 25 years to bring a holistic focus and her healing skills to

aide those seeking improved mental health. She graduated from Drexel College of Medicine, completed Family Medicine

internship, residency in General Psychiatry & her fellowship in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

Dr. Shell sees the person she treats as a whole being whose body and mind work in well-orchestrated harmony when

the person's concerns are addressed from an integrative approach.  This includes obtaining a comprehensive history of

present and past mental, somatic, and family health.  Discussing diagnostic impressions with the patient/parent/family

and working out treatment goals are key to the promotion of healing.

Dr. Shell favors a measured reliance on psychopharmacology and supports formulating a holistic treatment plan that

includes adequate nutrition, sleep hygiene and complementary health interventions. Healthy mind, body and spirit is

our natural legacy; it allows us to get the most out of and contribute our best to this life's journey. Dr. Shell looks

forward to supporting your health goals as you travel along the way.



Assessment for adults and transitional age youth (18-26yo) - $350

Assessment for children and youth up to 18yo - $450

Assessment will include review of CC, HPI, current interventions as well as review of personal history (pregnancy, L&D,

birth, early years, etc.), family history, somatic issues.  The review is followed by mental status update, sharing of

diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations.


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